About Us...


Incorporated in 1976 P.K. Projects Ltd. has become a highly successful niche player in Richmond's construction industry, providing high-quality, aesthetically pleasing office complexes to discriminating high technology and research oriented companies providing many of them with the upscale facilities they desire. 

P.K. Projects entered the commercial development market in 1986 starting with a Strata-titled Office/Warehouse Complex on Bridgeport Road in Richmond. The Development consisted of 2 buildings with a new municipal road built by P.K. Projects between the two phases. The project was built in a very robust market, which allowed for the sale of all the units before construction was complete.

P.K. Projects moved on to new developments each one being improved with the industry knowledge gained from the previous development. P.K. Projects developed two new Strata Titled Office/Warehouse projects in the Riverside Business Park in Richmond the first of which was the Gateway Business Plaza consisting of two buildings of 36,000 SF each. After the Gateway Complex P.K. Projects developed the Riverside Business Plaza at 11871 Horseshoe Way. This project was strategically built for itís time in that the Strata-Titled Office/Warehouse complexes were in very high demand due to the Asian in migration into Canada. The entire project, which consisted of 58 Strata Lots and 148,000 SF, was built and sold in 10 months.

P.K. Projects Ltd. next developed the Goldbar Business Plaza in East Richmond on Westminster Highway near the Alex Fraser Bridge. This project consisted of 3 Buildings for a total of 120,000 SF.   One of the buildings was a 3-storey building with strata titled office units. This project was zoned I4 to allow limited retail of home furnishings.

The Goldwing Business Plaza was developed just a few blocks from Goldbar consisting of 14 Strata-titled Office/Warehouse units. This Project was a unique zoning in that it allowed for the retail sale of automobiles, motorcycles and Boats and related parts and services.  The anchor tenant is Richmond Motor Sports.

Since the Strata Titled Office/Warehouse market was softening P.K. Projects realized that the future was in the High Tech office market and went on to assemble and develop a 450,000 SF high-tech office campus, Commerce Court International, consisting of 6 phases. Each phase is a 3-story building incorporating all the best features of the business parks and then goes to a greater level of design to appeal to the high-tech businesses as well as the traditional businesses.

P.K. Projects has used a visionary approach to the development of industrial offices. P.K. Projects Ltd. strives to meet the industry needs by listening to the tenants, suppliers and industry professionals and then implements these needs by developing a strategy to make the next project even more successful than the last. P.K. Projects Ltd. has set very high construction standards for itself and takes pride in the customer satisfaction achieved from the tenants and purchasers.

P.K. Projects Ltd. is carrying on construction through its affiliate Westcron Construction Ltd. and is managing the properties through its affiliate Compass Point Real Estate Services Inc.